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Two 65t-65m STS cranes for Mauritius supervised
by CNES successfully handed over

Release time:2017/12/18 11:04:20

Two 65t STS cranes for Louis port in Mauritius had been handed over to client successfully on 11th of December, 2017, which were fabricated by HHMC, and supervised together by CNES and OMG MGM.

These 2 units of super post panamax STS, together with earlier handed over 6 units of RTGs, were designed,manufactured and tested fully according to European and American standards, the high-speed collision of trolley to stop buffer, gantry collision test, full speed E-stop test for all functions are rarely taken in this industry.

The hand over of those cranes, will remarkable increasing the capacity to handle super post panamax container vessels and has built a solid foundations for Mauritius Louis Port to become the important transmission port in South Indian Ocean.

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